RPG Workshop with Paul Tuohy

A two days workshop with the following content:
  • A modern RPG application – Examples and overall workshop goal
  • Development Environment – (Rdi, ACS and other tools)
  • A Sample Database – The database created for this workshop
  • Database layer
  • Database modeling (What to think about, common mistakes etc)
  • Tables, Key Constraints, Foreign Key Constraints, Check Constraints, Triggers, Indexes
  • Views (and Indexes) and External Views
  • Primary, Application and List Views
  • Data Access Layer (DL)
  • Lists, Get, Add, Update, Delete
  • Check Timestamp
  • Handling Constraint Errors
  • Service Layer (SL)
  • SL Templates
  • Get, Add, Update, Delete
  • SL Templates vs DL Templates
  • Business Logic
  • Interface and Clients
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